lil’ queer goods and designy things.
making things & having feelings.

Hi, I’m Janet. I’m a self-taught communications designer with a degree in kinesiology. I also identify has a queer Chinese Canadian. This side-project is an avenue where I’m exploring design in a more physical and tactile way. Some of my interests outside of design include the built environment, parkour/movement, and city-exploring by skateboard.

smthnice supply is a side project that spontaneously came to be one slow afternoon during my day job. I’m making things that are born out of my personal interests/experiences and am 100% figuring it out as I go. My wish is that some of these things will resonate with other people (especially Q/POCS) out there. Please don’t hesitate to reach out if you want to chat!

IG: @somethingnicesupply
Email: hello@somethingnicesupply.com
toronto, canada