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One-Year (Belated) Anniversary!

We passed the one-year anniversary of this project!!!

Things I Accomplished

  1. Creating LOTS OF COOL STUFF
  2. Tabling by myself (Asian Zine Fair, XPace Zine Fair, QTIBIPOC Film Night)
  3. Tabling with a collective (@Lunchroomtoronto)
  4. Meeting lots of inspiring local artists
  5. Having my goods in physical stores! (TKVO, I Have a Crush On You)
  6. Having my work be sent to places all over the world!

Things I Have Yet to Accomplish

  1. Hit 1000 followers on IG
    Although one of my goals was to hit 1000 (real) followers on IG after a year, I’m pleased to have hit 500!
  2. Create “Series 3”
    I will get around to it one day when I decide what I want series 3 to be. There is lots more that I want to do with Series 1 and 2
I seem to surprise myself a lot; and maybe that says a lot about how I don’t give myself enough credit. I can be extremely self-critical, but looking back, I’m often surprised at how pleased I am with the work I’ve done, the amount of work I’ve done, and how I’m not as embarrassed as I thought I would be. I’m going to strive to be more diligent in not only taking time to reflect, but also to document so I have something tangible to reflect on (i.e. hopefully I will blog about this project more!).

I have some new things in store soon… new things in store!