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2017 Wrap Up

Happy 2017 to all my customers and supporters! I managed to write 5 blog post before falling off the wagon. Blogging and social media marketing is tough to stay on top of but I’m proud of the effort I managed to put in.

This officially marks 6 months since I started this project and I accomplished a ton of things I never would have imagined doing in a short amount of time. I designed 6 enamel lapel pins and a hat with a phrase that I have a hate/love relationship with; I made a few things I didn’t originally have plans to make (postcards, zines), and also failed to execute one or two ideas.

I also participated in two vendor fairs: it was an incredible experience to be a part of Toronto’s first Asian Zine Fair and to table at Xpace gallery. It’s a small art world out there and I’m looking forward to being inspired by all the artists I meet.

There is something incredibly satisfying having a physical product I can touch and engage with and I hope to explore other physical things to make and design in the new year. (A tshirt is in the works!)

Wishing you all love and productivity in 2018!