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One-Year (Belated) Anniversary!

We passed the one-year anniversary of this project!!!

Things I Accomplished

Creating LOTS OF COOL STUFF Tabling by myself (Asian Zine Fair, XPace Zine Fair, QTIBIPOC Film Night) Tabling with a collective (@Lunchroomtoronto) Meeting lots of inspiring local artists Having my goods in physical stores! (TKVO, I Have a Crush On You) Having my work be sent to places all over the[...]

2017 Wrap Up

Happy 2017 to all my customers and supporters! I managed to write 5 blog post before falling off the wagon. Blogging and social media marketing is tough to stay on top of but I’m proud of the effort I managed to put in.

This officially marks 6 months since I started this project and I accomplished[...]

#7: series #1 sadgay / monochrome mood

“What’s ‘sadgay’?”

“sadgay” is an experience that I personally relate to and it also represents the unique experiences QPOC face in terms of oppression, mental health, and relationships. It’s not trying to encourage dwelling in negativity, but I think it’s cathartic to accept that “sadness” is something we experience, but doesn’t fully define us. // some[...]

#6: backing cards

Backing cards for my lapel/enamel pins are one of the many things I‘ve had to think through and design beyond the actual merchandise. I’ve had an interest in packaging design in the past, and I only now realize that although this is hardly a traditional “package”, it was still a fun little exercise into such[...]

#5: I’m still alive…

…and I swear I’m working…

Lately, I’ve been somewhat struggling in thinking about what I want for this project. I want(ed) this to be something fun to do, primarily out of passion in just creating something and making things (and maybe making some money on the side). However, I’m quickly realizing that there starts to become a fine[...]

#4: some nice stickers

My nice stickers came in early last week! I haven’t had a chance to write and post about it because I was busy getting ready for my trip to Alberta. I’m actually writing this in a gorgeous coffee shop called Rosso in Calgary right now and it’s my last day out west.

Rosso Coffee Shop in[...]

#3: yes i’ve seen it

Yes, I’ve seen it – Roots started a campaign recently called “be nice™” in celebration of Canada 150. You might have seen it around. They’re doing some shirts and buttons and pins that say “nice.” I’ve had a couple of people mention it to me because of the similar use of the word “nice” in some[...]

#2: i have no idea what i’m doing

I have no idea what I’m doing – I mean, I’ve never thought of doing anything like this before and I’m half winging it and figuring it out as I go. Anyone that knows me can probably attest to the fact that I usually like to have some sort of plan. I haven’t laid out[...]

#1: an idea is born

It’s a sunny Friday afternoon. Work is slow. My coworker looks over to me:

L: Heeeeeyy Janet, how’s your side hustle going? J: Which one? (I have a lot of things on the go right now) L: You should make a brand. How about… “Say Something Nice”? The name can be a phrase, like the store “I Have[...]